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A brand refresh for an international expo

Beef Australia | Branding

FMSTUDIOS have been the official design partner for the international event for the past 12 years. Beef Australia approached FMSTUDIOS in 2019 following the highly successful Beef 2018 looking for a brand refresh. While the brand and event were widely loved by the community and beef industry, it was felt that the brand needed a fresh look for the upcoming 2021 event.

It was highlighted that, while the event was ‘Beef Australia 2018’, punters simply called the event ‘BEEF’. Previous expositions had used a quite elaborate event brand lockup where the name of the brand had been obscured by complexity.

FMSTUDIOS developed a suite of three brand options to present to the Beef Australia board, ranging from new and trendy, to a modern twist and redraw of the traditional stockman brand. Ultimately Beef Australia went with the redraw on the traditional stockman with FMSTUDIOS and the studio went on to develop a comprehensive brand and designed package for delivery in 2021.

For Beef 2021 FMSTUDIOS developed:

And a comprehensive suite of onsite signage including:

  • Entire site way-finding signage and totems
  • Exhibition entrance Signage
  • General exhibition signage
  • Corporate sponsor signage
  • Center stage signage
  • Scrims, banners, flags, pull-ups
  • Media walls
  • Onsite digital signage
  • Event fencing banner mesh
    and so much more

Beef Australia | Print Material

Beef Australia | Signage

Beef Australia 2021 Branding Banner Mesh

Beef Seal of Approval Window Sticker Design

Beef Australia 2021 Media Wall Design

Beef Australia Magazine Advertising Rockhampton

Beef Australia 2021 Expo design

Beef Australia Pull-up Banner Design Rockhampton

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